Patents with DWO

DWO is an Israeli Patent and Legal Law firm, specializing in Intellectual Property Law and especially in Patent Law. Our services include patent drafting, filing and handling whether it be nationally or internationally.

Our office has been ranked one of the top leading Intellectual Property Law firms in the leading global legal guides such as: the European Legal500, IP Stars, the Israel Dun & Bradstreet 100 Guide and the BDI Code.

We handle Patent filing in various technological fields including: Computer Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Product Engineering, Medical Appliances and more. We represent our clients from the very first stages of comping up with their idea, through the various stages which eventually enable the idea to transform into a enforceable patent. 


How do we draft and file our patents

Our patents are usually drafted by an Advocate, who specializes in Patent Law, along with a Patent Attorney, who specializes in Physics, Mechanics and Computer Sciences, Biology or Chemistry. Aside from this team, we also cooperate with technological professionals to assist us whenever we encounter a more complex idea, which requires further or broader specialties for the purpose of drafting the patent application to its utmost potential.
For the purpose of drafting and filing a patent, our office forms a team ad hoc, which includes professional attorneys specializing in Patent Law, experts in their field and in dealing with patent infringement cases, as well as professional and skilled patent attorneys who specialize in the patent's relevant field of expertise. This combination of legal and professional specialties is what makes us unique and it is the secret to our long time success in the field of patent drafting and registration.

Our Fields of Expertise:







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